A Center of Excellence in both Academic and Non-Academic programs

To provide various academic and non-academic programs to our learners through approaches that stimulate their creativity, innovativeness and self-reliance.

Our Programs

Academic and Non-academic programs in the following fields:

  1. Agriculture,
  2. Engineering (water, civil and electrical),
  3. Performing Arts,
  4. Business,
  5. Information Communication Technology
  6. Health
  7. Land survey

These programs could appear common but, those that will be administered by the Kafumo Active Learning Institute, shall be designed and operated through a unique set of methodologies recommended by institute.

Objectives of the institute
  • To provide new and existing academic and nonacademic programs relevant to the society through active learning methodologies.
  • To reinvent the teaching and learning methodologies so as to produce self-reliant citizens of the global society.
  • To set up a model institution through which active learning tools and methodologies could be passed on the greater society
  • To provide facilities that enhance long-term KALI employee welfare, satisfaction and growth
  • To facilitate a conducive research and consultancy environment for faculty to pursue scholarly activities
  • To equip students with creative and entrepreneurial skills suitable for lifelong career building, and survival.
  • To develop and maintain a significant KALI alumni that can influence socio- economic transformation of Uganda in particular and Africa as a whole, considering that, Africa has the greatest number of countries that still constitute the third world.
  • To establish an opportune institution that can deliver tangible corporate social responsibility initiatives for community transformation.

Gukiina Joshua PHD HRM,  PGD HRM, BASS

The founders

This company was founded by Dr. Gukiina Joshua, a renowned academic in the region. He holds a BASS (Hons) of Makerere University, A PGD (Human Resource Management) of Busoga University, A Master of Arts in Human resource Management of Kampala International University and a PhD in Human Resource Management of Makerere University. In addition, is Ms. Akuwa Lovice, a daughter of Dr. Gukiina Joshua. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and English of Kyambogo University.

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